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18 Aug 2019
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Selling Food Grade Silicone Tubing (heat-resistant and flexible silicone hose), Silicone tube rubber and Silicone Rod Hose (Solid) Our Silicone Tubing is used in a very broad range of applications, including: Silicone tubing for mushroom harvesting at the factory Silicone Tubing is used for concocting and transferring materials, fillings and flavors Silicon Rubber tubes are used for liquid material metering Feeding spray systems for flavorings and colorings Provision of finished products including juices and drinks Soft transferring and pumping yogurt and sauces with fruit or other solids Silicone tubing prices by meters Silicon Tubing Food Industries Silicone Tubing for Laboratories Silicone Tubing for the Printing Industry Our Silicone Tubing is made of 100% silicone elastomer. It is environmentally friendly and, unlike plastic alternatives, releases toxic fumes when disposed of by incineration. Gecko optics is one of the largest suppliers of Silicone Tubing in Australia. Silicon Tubing is very flexible and has very good memory characteristics. Silicon Tubing is ideal for many applications. Silicon tubes have been developed for quality that consistently provides reliable performance. The size can be ordered according to Tubing request

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