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Polyurethane Shett ( pu )
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Specification of

Polyurethane Sheet (PU) is used in industries from material handling, road / building construction, mining, transportation (road / air / rail), manufacturing, forestry / wood industry, food processing and packaging.

Applications include: wheels, castors, presses on wheels, roller wheels, bushes, bearings, concrete molds, general molds, pipe linings, scraper blades, mountain suspensions, screens, cutting surfaces, pinch rollers, bumpers, mounts, seals, gaskets , shocks, bucket liners, pump liners etc.


- Automotive: Grommets, bearings, bushes, flexible couplings.

- Construction of buildings: Molds for concrete, gate seals, concrete pump parts, inspection water.

- Coated fabrics: conveyor belts, fuel storage tanks, electric transmission belts.

- Electricity: Encapsulation, insulation, pots, joining cables.

- Engineered Components: Gears, sprocket, wire guides, railroad gear design, plate stripper, brake press bearings, textile thread guides, cutting boards, engine belt business, couplings.

- Food: layer parachute, bucket of grain.

- Mining: bucket liners, conveyor rollers, scraper blades, flotation cell impellers, coating pumps, grading screens, lined pipes, crossed bearings.

- Oil, Chemistry and Marine: Rings, bearings, hydrocyclones, buoys, pipe pigs and scrapers, fenders, seat valves.

- Rollers: roller boards, nip rollers, metal forming, printing, conveyor, can coating, paper mills.

- Seals and Gaskets: Pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms.

- Footwear: shoe sole, bottom diaphragm molding, wear plate, absorb sol energy.

- Wheel Tires: forklift tires, heavy duty castor wheels, escalator wheels, roller skates, roller blade wheels

Temperature: 100 C

Shore Hardness: 80 - 90

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