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Rubber Anti Slip Rubber Lines

Anti-skid rubber carpets can be worn in one of the following locations or places to ensure safety or security issues:


With the condition of many patients suffering from injuries, illness and fatigue, and officers who have to work deftly, hospitals are required to provide very high safety standards. The anti-slip rubber carpet surface is a good solution or idea for floors and stairs because it will provide anti-skid or slippery safety for patients and staff.

· Home or residence.

In the current area of ​​residence aesthetic or beauty is the most noticed value. One of the things that adds to the aesthetic value of housing is the use of marble, ceramics or granite for the floor. Although this floor material adds aesthetic value but in certain areas it has disadvantages, namely slippery conditions that can make people slip. Here it is important to place an anti-skid carpet. Some examples of areas that might require the use of anti-slip rubber carpets are: bathroom, kitchen, terrace, kitchen and stairs.

· Industrial estates or factories.

In some areas of production or industrial use rubber antiskid carpets are needed.

In addition to the need for factories where work areas tend to have a lot of puddles or oil droplets and areas that have high mobility so that sometimes employees have to rush or coincide, safety factors are needed.

· Sports area

In some sports areas, the need for anti-skid rubber carpets is very important. Some examples of such sports areas such as the swimming pool area, jogging area, aerobics area.

The advantage of using an anti-slip rubber carpet is the ability of the rubber itself which has very high friction resistance, and is very useful both for those who use footwear and for people who do not wear footwear so that they avoid accidents and injuries. the user.

Rubber Roll Rubber Sheet

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