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 Insulation Ceramic Fiber Blanket
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Specification of

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Blanket consists of long, flexible interwoven fibers produced by blown and rotating processes producing strong, lightweight and durable blankets for applications in a temperature range of 538 C (1000 F) to 1,480 C (2700 F). Ceramik Fiber Blanket has heat resistance from refractory hard with five times better insulation value.



Low thermal conductivity heat storage very low very high tensile strength shock resistance Thermal sound absorption Quick repair If the layer of damage occurs, the furnace can be cooled quickly Does not contain binders, no smoke contamination or atmosphere furnace Does not contain asbestosNo cure or dry time, coating can be fired for the operating temperature immediately



Car insulation kilns and continuous seals and heat treating kilns and furnace annealing furnace door coatings and seals Immersion pit cover and seals Reformers and seal tube pyrolysis layers, gaskets and insulation expansion joints Boilers Commercial desiccation dryers Stress removes insulation.


25mm x 610mm x 2000mm

50mm x 610mm x 1000mm

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