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Gasket valqua 6500
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PACKING GASKET VALQUA 6500 is a material or combination of several materials sandwiched between two mechanical joints that can be separated.

The main function of PACKING GASKET VALQUA 6500 is to prevent leakage for a certain period of time.

PACKING GASKET VALQUA 6500 is used to be able to avoid leakage in its use, be resistant to protected parts and can withstand very high pressure and operating temperatures. In practice, gaskets and connections must work together. Therefore, the system must be studied integratively to determine its true capabilities. In its use, gaskets are usually used on flange connections to connect various pipes and other connections such as the gaskets used in combustion motors. Gasket replacement is usually carried out on the basis of the length of usage that can be stated in working hours or operating hours. Gasket replacement can also be done after the gasket connection has leaked. In fact, it is very rare to test the strength of the gasket before use.

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