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Gasket Garlock 7992
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Nylon-reinforced nitrile rubber resists leakage›  No measureable leakage in ASTM F37 test for nitrogen sealability›  Resists extrusion; seals at very low compressive stress»Ideal replacement for cloth-inserted rubber in water applica


Style No.Reinforced RubberDiaphragm19††92007992††8798††MaterialSBR rubber w/ 5.0oz. cotton sheeting w/ 1/32" thickness as fabric insert; 10.8oz. cotton chafer in all othersNitrile w/ proprietary 5oz. nylon insert†Neoprene w/ 22oz. hose duck fabric insertNeoprene w/ 13oz. nylon fabric insertRubber hardness(Shore A) ±580705070Burst test across 2" (50mm) dia. openingpsi (bar)not recommended for use a diaphragm materialnot recommended for use a diaphragm material290"Finish availableSatin (cloth)Satin (cloth)Satin (cloth)Satin (cloth)Temperature, max.200°F (95°C)250°F (120°C)250°F (120°C)250°F (120°C)


Rubber Gasket

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